“Inattentional Blindness”

  • The Problem Facing the Industry 

‘Inattentional Blindness’ is when your brain refuse to perceive something directly within your vision. It is one of the main causes of accidents in the workplace. Have you ever waited to pull out at a junction, thought the road was clear and then suddenly almost ended up being hit by a car or a motorcycle that you never saw coming?

If you answered YES, you have just been a victim ‘inattentional blindness’ and we’ve all been there. This psychological phenomenon is more common than you think and the reason why thousands of competent workers end up making mistakes at work, leading to accidents, injury and loss of life.


  • What is ‘Inattentional Blindness’? 

Inattentional blindness happens when the safety valve in our brain filters out information we don’t need to stop overloading our senses. For example, when we walk into a party, we ‘expect’ to see certain things like curtains and furniture. So we quickly take in all these superficial elements which allows us to concentrate our limited attention to the host, the food and other guests.

Without this ability we’d be overwhelmed and inundated with every piece of information coming at us, which will paralyse our senses and grind our sense systems to a halt.


  • How to Overcome the Problem? 

The behaviour based training that we carry out, involves teaching your staff how to sharpen and perfect skills such as observation, monitoring and feedback: critical abilities that can reduce unsafe acts and situations. It also addresses the phenomenon of inattentional blindness.

Another element we sense check is the fact that many teams have safety plans in place, but these are most likely based on 50% fact and 50% perception when at work. This makes it difficult for teams to react to dynamic changes, as they are most likely focussed on the job based on a plan put in with prior information.

The training we provide using the elements within the ISEA Suite enables your workforce to hone and perfect their observation, monitoring and feedback skills continuously. While the auditor app, enables your officers to perform their job with ease and agility.