Choose Hand Safety

Choose Hand Safety

Next to our eyes, our hands are most probably, the most important ‘tool’ in our body when it comes to doing work. But yet, we often do many things with our hands without batting an eyelid.

Occupational Safety
The following list provides a guidelines for hand safety that can help you protect your hands from injury and disability.

Hand Protection Checklist:

  1. Keep guards on machinery and power tools in place.Do not remove or reposition them.
  2. Use the correct tools and equipment for the work being performed and follow the work instructions given by your supervisor and/or manufacturer.
  3. Wear appropriate gloves that fit your hand and are right for the task performed
  4. Do not wear rings/other jewelry or loose clothing that could get caught on a moving object.
  5. Be alert to possible unguarded pinch points.
  6. Always use push-sticks, guards, shields and other protective devices when appropriate.

According to, over 16 million people suffer hand injuries each year and over a quarter of million are serious and lead to disabling injuries. Avoid these injuries by using these simple steps as your guide to “Work Safe, Think Safe and Go Home Safe”.