Azimuth Safety Solution – Promotional Package

Have you ever waited to pull out at a junction, thought the road was clear and then suddenly
almost ended up being hit by a car or a motorcycle that you never saw coming?

If you answered YES, you have been a victim of “Inattentional Blindness” and we’ve all been there. This psychological phenomenon is more common than you think and the reason why thousands of competent workers end up making mistakes at work, leading to accidents, injury and loss of life.

Go Home Safe is a safety awareness tool designed to train people on-the-go specifically tailored for industries where training time is a constraint. Our language free 3D animation videos are less than 10 minutes and engages your team to be refreshed, raises their observation, monitoring and feedback skills reducing intentional blindness.

Our current promotion package will give you a series of 5 (30 safety awareness topics) for $5000 USD per installation per year only!

Promotional Package

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