Back2Basics Marine

About Back2Basics Marine

Our short seven-minute language free animation is hitting the marine industry with a storm. After years of serving the Oil & Gas industry we decided to use our talents to serve our partners in the Shipping industry. Our situational safety awareness workshops will engage your workforce and ensure that health and safety is your first priority. Using our skilled facilitators, we impart as much knowledge as we can into short segments for easy retention and to ensure that training is clear-cut and effective. These videos will also impart crucial observation, monitoring and feedback skills.

Our B2B marine series episode as below.

Series 1

1) Safety of Navigation
2) Lifeboat Drill
3) Enclosed Space Entry
4)Fire Safety & Control
5) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
6) Chemical Handling

Series 2

7)Pilot Ladder
8)Power Tools
10)Muster Drill
11)Fire Prevention
12)PPE Usage & Maintenance.